Who We Are


Like every newborn, it had challenges, but with passion and much more the Grace of God, it was not a daunting phase. The first meeting when the vision was shared held on Wednesday, 11th February, 2004 and the attendance was about 16 adults, all of whom were given sundry responsibilities. We also began evangelism in the Elekahia neighbourhood. At the inaugural service, 75 persons were present but on the first regular Sunday Service, about 45 persons were present including 10 children. However, by the first week of June and for a couple of months following, the attendance jumped from an average of 50/55 persons to between 95 and 105. By the first year anniversary convention, we were between 120 and 150 persons.

During the first year, we emphasized on messages that build new disciples and young converts and make known the mandate of the ministry. These goals were core at that time. We also embarked on mercy outreaches at this early stage.

At six (6) months of ministry, we hosted a conference tagged “Taking the City”.


This Ministry is driven by

A deep seated conviction of the reality of God and His works in the midst of men: The consciousness of His Presence.

A passionate pursuit of the purposes of God and His standard in all we do.

A tolerant approach to the pursuit of the mandate with regard to people at different levels of spiritual maturity


  • Developing the human capital through teaching and training
  • Providing people with opportunities to serve in the church setting
  • Giving people a sense of purpose in “their world” (their endeavour, marriage, career, society, etc.)
  • Reaching out to people through our Mercy Outreach, our Kingdom Agenda TV broadcast and our Audio ministry.


Nigeria’s challenge is endemic or institutionalized corruption and a mentality that does not take responsibility within our realms of influence or contribution. As a church whose immediate locality is Nigeria, we are trying to change the orientation of our members who themselves are Nigerians and are even much more Christians. The goal is to make them imbibe Christian values. If all the people will say “I will not be corrupt till I die” and stand by it, give Nigeria 5years and you will see the difference. If each Nigerian will take courage and have a sense of social responsibility, then things will change for the better!!! Nigeria does not lack visionary leadership but the will to do right!!!


That the world will come to a realization that God loves all and made an offer through Jesus Christ and if the world can respond to this offer, the world will become a better place!!!