Assets (Entrepreneurship Series) – Pst Tunji Akinola

Assets may be Tangible or Intangible…

1) God gave to everyone according to the parable of Talents; Gifts, Talents or Money:
-Matt 25

2) Have you Discovered the” Assets” you have? Or What comes to you easily? The
ability to solve a particular problem (Pastor gives the example of a very polite
attendant at a store).

The implication is that Like everyone else, You have an endowment/gift/talent. And
with your ONE gift, you Can Swallow up Another person’s 7-gifts when you duely
recognise and appropriately deploy Such Gift in the Relevant marketplace. To have a
Gift Is not enough, you will need to hone your skills or do Something extra in other
to develop such skills to a point where they become extremely valuable.

Irrespective of Your Area of endeavour, what can you bring in that can make the
difference, Increase Value, finesse, quality, etc? Ideas will never make you smile to
the banks! It is ideas put to work that will make You smile to the banks !!! Like the
Lepers at the gates of Samaria or the prodigal son, the moment you arise to act, God
will back you up!!! Let your Business pursuits be guided by Vision…

The proverbial 5 talents did not suddenly become 10! 5 must have first become 7, 9,
then 10… You must have a Business PLAN or Vison Don’t go into a Business like a
Samaritan! It might be a Part of your vision, but certainly not the focus.

Don’t have a Wrong mentality of your accountability or stewardship If you don’t know
what Gifts or Talents you have, ask God! But Ideas without action is Zero!!! Even the
Master believed in the one who hid his ONE TALENT, and who unfortunately, did not
believe in himself !!! Do you believe in yourself ?